The Law National Aptitude Test (LNAT)

London Law Tutor is a leading provider of top quality tutoring and preparation services for the LNAT. The LNAT is used as a benchmark by universities since it allows them to select students for their undergraduate law courses. The test does not test your knowledge of law or any other subject. It actually assesses your aptitude for the skills required to study law. Therefore, the LNAT simply allows universities to make fairer choices from the many highly-qualified applicants willing to join their undergraduate law programmes.

It is a two-part test: multiple choice questions based on passages of text, and an essay.

Section A: The first part is a computer-based multiple choice exam. You’ll be asked to read passages of text and answer questions that test your comprehension of them. Your scores from the multiple choice section of the test are checked by computer, and a mark out of 42 is created. This is known as your LNAT score.

This section consists of 42 multiple choice questions. The questions are based on 12 argumentative passages, with 3 or 4 multiple choice questions on each. You will be given 95 minutes to answer all of the questions.

You’ll be able to review your answers at any time during the 95 minutes, but you will not be able to return to the multiple choice section once you begin Section B.

Section B: In the second part of the test you will be asked to write one essay from a list of three proposed subjects. This section is not marked by the test centre and does not contribute to your LNAT score, but it is your opportunity to show your ability to construct a compelling argument and reach a conclusion.

In section B, you will have 40 minutes to answer one of three essay questions on a range of subjects to demonstrate your ability to argue economically and to come to a conclusion. You will need a good command of written English.

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