Here at London Law Tutor® we possess an interactive approach to private law tutoring. In our opinion critical thinking can be developed in students by assessing their competence through discussions of different legal issues. Furthermore; academic merit can be nurtured by giving students assignments and coursework to test their analytical ability. It is our unique ability to breakdown technical legal concepts and simplify works written in a rigorous intellectual mould that sets us apart from other law tutors. Our objective is to make students think outside the box by developing their lateral thinking skills. As Professor John Finnis argues that as lawyers we analyse words like rules, being legal or illegal, valid or invalid, but for a jurist words have different shades of meaning. Hence a jurisprudential reflection on a subject matter requires going above and beyond what is prima facie the case so as to enquire into the rationale embodied in a rule. Therefore we always encourage our students to read any legal subject in purview of the bigger picture as this contextualised approach not only gives them confidence during exams but also helps them form pungent criticisms of their own.

Our law tutors are both willing and capable of employing technology to empower law and non law students globally. It is our vision of innovation in legal education which acts as the lodestar of our teaching strengths as it inspires our unique tutoring approach. London is host to many international students that are pursuing their legal studies who come from civil and common law backgrounds. We provide face to face law tuition here in London which can be arranged between our expert law tutors and students at our tuition centre in central london. We also tutor law students across the globe using Skype and other software applications and over the telephone. Students prefer our services because we possess cross-border expertise in many specialist areas of law since our committed team of quality law tutors have been awarded over 500 distinctions from some of the most prestigious law schools across the globe. The fact that these distinctions have been earned in recent years is indeed one of our great strengths. We have law tutors and consultants available in all major UK and global cities. In the UK we have law tutors based in London, Manchester, Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Oxford, Cambridge, Edinburgh, Glasgow and others. Globally, we provide law tutors in Hong Kong, Sydney, Singapore, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Chicago, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Cairo, Paris and many more. We operate a policy of ensuring optimal levels of client satisfaction at all times which has cemented our place as an academic powerhouse in diverse fields of legal study in a short span of time. Our tutoring expertise combined with the tireless dedication of our team sets the bar high since we understand the fundamental importance of nourishing the legal acumens of our talented law students who are in pursuit of academic excellence.

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