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Are there any particular reasons why students come to London Law Tutor?

We can give you a plethora of reasons why students prefer our service but some of the following factors affect their decision to ask us for help:

Our law tutoring techniques are unique and we are leading innovation in legal education which makes us different.

Many of our students do not speak English as their native language so we help them bridge the communication gap.

Many of our students are struggling at university since their universities are not providing them with the time or materials to progress adequately.

Many of our students have faced problems due to personal circumstances which means they have missed tutorials and lectures due to personal illness or death in the family.

How to use our writing service the right way?

When used in the right manner our model essays and dissertations are meant to be learning tools which enable our students to improve their understanding of the subject matter. From this perspective our essays are like private lectures where the tutor shows you exactly how to answer a particular question.

Do we guarantee your privacy at all times? Are our services fully confidential?

Your privacy is important to us so all your information and correspondence with us is fully confidential. We comply fully with the Data Protection Act 1998 and we will never share the details of your order with anyone. We never pass details of your identity to any third party including our writers, unless of course you give us permission to do so.

Is the written work that we do available elsewhere?

Not at all, every piece of work that we undertake is fully custom written. Furthermore; it is scanned using our confidential plagiarism software, and is never resold to any other customer ever.

How do we deliver the written work to customers?

All of the work that we do is sent to you via e-mail unless you request otherwise. All files come as an attachment in the form of a word or pdf document. It is also available at a secure online location that only you can access, using a password that will be provided to you by our team.

Is it classed as plagiarism to use our custom writing service?

Our writing service is a genuine research service which offers custom written work to aid students with their studies. You are purchasing a piece of copyrighted material from the author akin to buying a book. We do not advocate or support cheating or plagiarism. Ordering a model essay or dissertation does not make you a cheat. Many of our customers have been struggling at their university or experienced difficult personal circumstances. They are looking for expert private academic help to ensure they still get the 2:1 or 1st Class degree they deserve. The work remains our copyright and is not yours to hand in. The written work you receive from us is an academic tool and for reference purposes only. You may use the written work as a model answer and a starting reference point from which you can learn new arguments and sources our law tuition experts will provide you with. You must do your own original work. Your final answer must not be paraphrased or edited from ours and you must not submit our work as your own. We encourage students to read their universities guidelines before using our custom law writing services.

How do we know you will not cheat?

The simple answer is we don't since plagiarism in all its forms is always difficult to detect. It is up to you to be honest and assure us that you will not pass the work off as your own. The threat of plagiarism occurring has never stopped authors from writing a book, an article, lecture notes and so we will not allow it to stop the provision of our writing services to the honest majority of our valued customers.

How do we determine our professional charges?

A combination of the following factors helps us determine a reasonable price for the high quality of services we offer:

The time frame provided by the client to complete a project and/or the length of private law tutoring services requested.

The nature and complexity of the subject matter of the services requested including the research time and academic expertise required for the completion of any given project.

The client's academic aims and ambitions in a given area of legal study which is also contingent on the level at which they are studying law.

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