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Established in 2012, the idea of London Law Tutor® was conceived by Dr. Usman Malik which was subsequently incorporated as a private limited company with a global vision of providing high quality private law tuition and tutoring services to law and non-law students across the globe. Usman completed his secondary school education in Canada before going to Pakistan where he commenced law school. In his final year of law school he was the Commercial Law Teacher's Assistant at Universal College Lahore (formerly University College Lahore), which teaches the University of London's prestigious International LL.B Honours degree. After graduating with an upper-second class honours degree and a distincion in Company Law, he went on to complete the Legal Practice Course at Nottingham Law School and an LL.M in Corporate Law at University College London (UCL). He was awarded a distinction for his LL.M Dissertation at UCL and graduated with an overall merit on the intellectually rigorous Master of Laws course. Thereafter in 2018, Dr. Usman was awarded a distinction in his second Master of Laws; an LL.M in Legal Practice from Nottingham Law School followed by an intensive PhD in Law. He continues to build LLT's reputation for excellence as an intellectual powerhouse that provides world-class law tutoring, legal education and legal career consultancy services globally.

Education is perhaps one of the greatest gifts we can take from this world. With this in mind, if I am to be called greedy for taking more than my fair share then so be it. To date, I have enjoyed the privilege of travelling the world and taking a little chunk of its "gift" at every given opportunity. From my younger years in Pakistan I was a keen learner and carefully observed my elders with a watchful eye. I soon took this culture and made way to Canada where I spent my teenage years and passed through high school. In returning to Pakistan, with a new and fresh outlook on the world, I completed the intellectually rigorous LLB course with the University of London’s International Programme and this is where my passion for teaching was ignited; I wanted to spread the world's wonderful gift and give a little of what it had given me. Thereafter I moved to the UK and, equipped with a number of different cultures and a wealth of legal knowledge, I was ready to give and take a little more, and so I completed the Legal Practice Course and went on to complete an LL.M in Corporate Law at UCL. I was awarded the LL.M in Corporate Law in 2013 with an overall merit and a distinction for my dissertation. In the interim, I have observed the inner workings of corporate legal practice at Baker McKenzie's Bahrain office twice as a summer associate. In 2018, I completed my fourth legal qualification by pursuing a second Master of Laws degree with a distinction; an LL.M in Legal Practice from Nottingham Law School. This was followed by a PhD in Corporate Law which was an interdisciplinary and multijurisdictional doctoral research project relating to corporate sustainability, accountability and corporate governance.

In my life I have been very privileged to have had ample opportunities of gaining exposure to various cultures and diverse experiences. When I commenced my legal studies at Universal College Lahore I was not sure what to expect. However, with the passage of time my thirst for knowledge grew due to the rigorous intellectual demands of the degree. I became bold and ambitious as my commercial acumen was nurtured by my lecturers. It was the best time of my life as I look back since it made me the person I am today. The strong work ethic of my lecturers and tutors at Universal College Lahore, Nottingham Law School and UCL has been rather impressive. I always try to emulate this in every task I undertake with tenacity and confidence. However, nothing would have been possible without the continuing support and inspiration I have received from my father throughout the course of my life. For him education has always been the means to a higher quality of life, not in a materialistic but in an intellectual way. Working with law students from diverse ethnic backgrounds on pertinent legal issues that are at the forefront of legal education and practice are just some of the intellectual rewards on offer in private law tutoring, legal education and legal career consultancy services.

My passion for the law, combined with a desire to share what I had gained from the world over the years of my academic life fed my entrepreneurial spirit and, in the winter of 2012, I founded London Law Tutor Limited (LLT). What we have established with LLT is more than a mere tutoring platform. By convening a team of elite individuals with impressive qualifications from some of the best universities in the world, we have been able to create a tutoring company like no other; our research hub enables us to stay at the forefront of private legal education and provide the most up-to-date information on matters at the forefront of legal practice.

Dr. Usman Malik
Founder and Managing Director

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